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I am the controller of Planet Zero. Welcome to the Alien Animation Studios web blog! Please check out my Gallery and click on the Portfolio button to see a sample reel and learn more about me. I will be your leader into the deepest reaches of the galactic universe known as the animation industry. Here we will generate and discuss issues and news in the Empire known as ANIMATION! Check out the Animation News on the right hand side of the site. Explore the blog posts and watch movies and interviews with fellow artists. Listen To the Secret Space Base Podcast and please leave feedback! Your Comments and input would be greatly appreciated, even if you are part of the rebellion. Prepare to Launch!


Graphic Resume

I’ve created a graphic resume, something a little bit different than the average run of the mill text on paper resume.  I am trying to go for a retro 60’s -70’s feel, not sure that I succeeded but hey it’s the beta version. Just thought I would share since it’s been a while since I posted my own work up here.



Saturday morning cartoons will never be the same

It’s one of those times when you just slap your face and shake your head. Then praise the creativity of people on YouTube.

Dr. Who Animated

I saw this today and was giddy with joy that some one actually did it in a fun Cartoon Network sort of style. Well played sir! Well played.

Robotech Academy Kickstarter!




Please help support Harmony gold and Robotech to bring Robotech back!

Godzilla Smashes The American Box Office!



Godzilla 2014

Godzilla 2014

Out performing what analyst had suspected, Godzilla 2014, is running away with this weekends box office, and well deserved because the movie is nothing short of awesome!  Being a fan of Kaiju movies from Godzilla to Gamera to Pacific Rim I can honestly say that the latest Godzilla movie is, if not the best, one of the best Kaiju movies ever made. With a reported budget of 160 million it looks like opening weekend will take in a whopping 93 million! This is what is reporting:

Opening Weekend: $93,205,000 [est.] |

Total Domestic Gross: $93,205,000 [est.] |

Worldwide Gross: $113,205,000 [est.]

I guess we can expect more Godzilla on the way!  I predict that we will have an announcement by the end of the month (if not the end of the week) that another Godzilla movie is on the way.  Excitement abounds!  I scream like a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert! Godzilla…..Ahhhhhhhh! (end of the Hanna Barbera Godzilla song).

At least I can hope for an appearance of Megalon and Jet Jaguar in the next movie. Yeah, not gonna happen, I’m sure.

Secret Space Base VFX Podcast, with the Amazing Ron Cole!


I’m Sorry everyone, for taking so long with this release. We were trying to get a new intro recorded but it just didn’t happen, so we are stuck momentarily with the original Secret Space Base Podcast intro. This won’t effect this episode because it was an amazing conversation with Ron Cole and well worth the wait. I hope everyone enjoys this and that it generates lot’s of comments and conversations. I really think this is one of our best episodes to date. So enjoy, as we tackle a very important and serious issue about the business called visual effects and animation!

Check this out on Chirbit

Frozen for Real?

I knew Frozen was a huge hit, but this is pretty amazing! A little boy with the powers to freeze like Elsa in Frozen!
Crazy, huh? :P

Ray Harryhausen Documentary!

From 1986 a documentary about the Master of Stop motion animation “Aliens, Dragons, Monsters & Me“!
See the awesomeness of Ray Harryhausen!
Stare at the Amazing Ray Bradbury!
Shriek at the glory of stop motion animated creatures!

Oh the documentary gold from the 80’s!


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