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If you haven’t seen these you need to hurry on over to

I create a hallowindow myself every year but unfortunately, Strep throat has got me a bit down and I won’t be getting one done this year. In any case enjoy the original Hallowindows from Mark Gervais:

3D elements from VideoCopilot

Now for those of you with 3D skills, do a big Spring Heeled Jack Jump over to

And grab some free 3D elements to create your own Hallowindow!

Trick or Treat from


Morpheus Rig

So if you don’t know about Josh Burton’s Morpheus Rig, Where have you been living, in a cave?   Create fully rigged characters  ready to animate! This thing is an animators dream!  One must praise Josh for his amazing rig but most of all praise him because he is giving it away FREE!!  For you Maya users run on over to   and grab this thing and start animating.  Then you can run on over to and enter the monthly contest.  Get your animation out there and get recognized.

Funding For Your Project

While roaming the notorious World Wide Web I starting thinking about possible projects and how I can fund them to get them out. Wouldn’t it be freakin’ awesome to be able to animate your own stuff full time and get payed for doing it?! Not getting political, because that isn’t what this blog is about, but recently While driving home from work I heard a very disturbing story by a caller on the radio. I was so touched by this guys story that I immediately thought “DAYUM! This would make a very interesting, intense and emotional animated movie. Done as a documentary in the style of Waltz With Bashir. If you haven’t seen Waltz With Bashir you need to go watch it, NOW! Go on, it’s only an hour and a half movie, I’ll wait right here for you. Here’s the trailer…. Oh, and you can find the full movie on youtube as well.

Ok, back to funding, So I started searching for how i could fund such a project. I stumbled upon a Loyola Marymount University page that listed a bunch of sites for funding, which I will reproduce for you here. It’s all public information so I’m sure they won’t mind. Check out the links maybe they might help you as an artist, animator, or filmmaker to get your projects done. Here you go, from the Loyola Marymount University website;

National Endowment for the Humanities
Planning and Scripting Grants
NEH supports television documentary programs or historical dramatizations that address significant figures, events, or developments in the humanities and draw their content from humanities scholarship. Projects must be intended for national distribution during prime time hours, whether on public television, commercial television, or cable networks. There are a number of funding opportunities available in this discipline such as the NEH PLANNING GRANTS which can be used to draft a treatment and the SCRIPTING GRANTS which can be used to prepare a script or detailed treatment.

The National Endowment for the Arts
Media Arts
The media arts — film, radio, and television — encompass a variety of genres including narrative, documentary, experimental, and animated film as well as video and audio art. The National Endowment for the Arts is committed to encouraging the artists and organizations that participate in advancing and preserving the media arts, and to supporting the production of media art works that celebrate the arts; visual arts, music, dance, literature, design, theater, musical theater, opera, folk & traditional arts, etc., in an engaging and creative manner.

The Roy W. Dean Foundation
Film and Video Grants
The foundation want films that are unique and make a contribution to society. They fund compelling stories about little known subjects, historical films and films that touch hearts. They like films that expose and bring important information to light; they are story-tellers and that is the main criteria for entering and winning our grants, stories that can change and stories that can heal and enrich our lives.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)
Academy Film Scholars Program
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) established the Academy Film Scholars Program in 2000 to stimulate and support the creation of innovative and significant works of film scholarship about aesthetic, cultural, educational, historical, theoretical, or scientific aspects of theatrical motion pictures. Each applicant must propose a new work in the English language encompassing some aspect of theatrical motion picture art, science, commerce, history, or theory. Proposed projects may be books, multimedia presentations, curatorial projects, DVD-ROMs, or Internet sites.

California Council for the Humanities
California Documentary Project Production Grant
The PRODUCTION GRANT of California Documentary Project supports the work of experienced radio producers and filmmakers that bring to light compelling stories and explore issues related to California’s past, present and future. The Council is particularly interested in projects that can be used to spark community discussion.

California Council for the Humanities
California Documentary Project Research and Development Grant
The RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT GRANT of the California Documentary Project enables experienced film makers and radio producers to develop projects that explore issues related to California’s past, present and future. California Documentary Project Research and Development Grants cover a wide range of activities, including meetings and individual consultation with humanities scholars, field and archival research, preliminary interviews, and preparation of program treatments.

California Council for the Humanities
Youth Digital Filmmakers
The mission of the California Council for the Humanities is to foster understanding between people and encourage their engagement in community life through the public use of the humanities. The YOUTH DIGITAL FILMMAKERS PROGRAM will involve teens from a variety of communities in making short films about what they see and experience. Award-winning filmmakers and humanities scholars will guide the teens’ efforts.

Creative Capital Foundation
Visual Arts and Film/Video
Founded in 1999, Creative Capital acts as a catalyst for the development of adventurous and imaginative ideas by supporting artists who pursue innovation in form and/or content in the performing and visual arts, film and video, and in emerging fields. FILM/VIDEO may include experimental documentary, animation (including vector animation), experimental film/video, non-traditional narrative (in all formats), and interdisciplinary projects. VISUAL ARTS may include painting, sculpture, works on paper, installation, photo-based work, contemporary crafts, public art and interdisciplinary projects.

There are many more out there.  If you know of any that might help other artists, please reply and post them.  I’m sure i’ll be finding more and posting them up.

You Are Going To Die…

This is awesome. Not only is The Iron Giant a great movie. But it brought back memories of working at Disney. You see, part of my job was to print up what was called “Plots” of the 3D elements so the 2D animators could animate to them. They were basically line renders of the 3D characters or Parts, as it was in Silvers case in Treasure planet. Seeing the Giant in this clip made me have flashbacks to those days. I bet that’s how Warner Bros. did it too.

Check this out!

Treasure Planet Pencil Test

Here’s a pencil test for Disney’s Treasure Planet Done by the incredible Glen Keane.  At one point when I was working on Treasure Planet My cubicle was next To Glen’s secretary and I would pass him all the time in the halls. He was always very friendly and would say “hi”. For Your viewing pleasure, a scene I did not work on.

Joanna Quinn Animating

Another Interesting video on 2D animation.  British animator Joanna Quinn and a Wonder Bra!

The Amazing Sylvain Chomet

Sylvain Chomet Animates


One of the things that has been helping me get motivated to work are podcasts about animation and the animation industry.  Since this blog is about animation I thought I would share some of my favorite podcasts.  While I’m at work modeling,composting, or even animating (unless it’s lipsync) one of the things that I do is listen to other animators talk about their experiences.  This really helps with motivation when you hear other animators going through the same things you are.

Again I have to say “just get your stuff out there!”

Ok here we go…..

This podcast has me totally hooked!  I can’t get enough of these guys.  It’s Josh Ryan and Robert Orndoff’s
 Alt/Animation podcast.  Interviews with independent animators and more these guy present a show that is not only entertaining but very informative as well.  I can’t wait until the next episode.

ReAnimators Podcast is hosted by Ryan Duffin, Mike Jungbluth, and Rick Blankenship and can be found here.

An older podcast that is fun to listen to and has been absorbed by ALT/Animation is Cel Therapy hosted by Kevin Cooper.  Kevin just talks about cartoons he has been watching and I find him very entertaining. Check him out here…

Finally, I have The Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum.  Funny and informative interviews with animators, artists and an episode that I listen to over and over again with the wacky, offensive, and very sinister JJ Villard.

Now, for those who like the creepy, paranormal, and strange. Check out Darkness Radio

Animate bad, Animate good, Just Animate!

Recently I got an email from animator Terrence Walker from talking about how “the rules” were holding us back from producing something. And he is right!

 Several years ago I had the pleasure of seeing Ralph Bakshi, the famous animator that created WIZARDS in 1977 as well as a ton of other independent animated movies, at the San Diego Comic Con and he said something that I will never forget. He said “draw badly, draw good, just do it!”

This came to mind when I read Terrence’s email. If you have an idea, just do it! You don’t have to follow the “rules” that have been put down by teachers and animation studios! If you have gone through the classes you know the rules! You know the 12 principles of animation! Now let’s take them and bend and break them any way you want to get your idea out there! Look at Jason Steele and his shorts. Some of those are absolutely hilarious! And the animation is very very limited! But he got his ideas out there! Frank Sudol is another animator that has made several feature films by himself. I’m not personally fond of his choice of style, but I have to respect the guy for doing what he did and getting his stuff out there. you can check his stuff out at

 Now back to Terrence Walker, Again here is an animator I have a lot of respect for because he got his stuff out there, and when I say that I’m talking about seeing his DVD’s at Best Buy! If you haven’t been to his site you need to go there NOW! While there, get his ebook “Animation on a shoestring” it is a very good read about producing independent animation.

Take a look at his blog, video blogs, anigen and indiegen they are full of information and tips on animating a project. Buy a tutorial, sign up for his newsletters, and get the inspiration you need to start your project and get it done and out there!


Star Wars Anime Style

While I’m at it I might as well post this little gem. I think it kind of speaks for itself and would probably say something like “That’s friggen cool!” Star Wars done like Robotech Anime! How cool is that?!