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Douglas Trumbull Returns to directing!

Last year my friend Will and I had the opportunity to attend a presentation of Douglas Trumbull (visual effects wizard of such classic movies as 2001: A SPACE ODESSEY, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, and BLADE RUNNER) at the University of Arizona. It lasted almost 4 hours and I didn’t want it to stop. Some of the technologies he showed us blew me away. Especially his green screen technology where you could seamlessly, in real time, composite actors into a digital virtual CGI set. Well, it looks like we are going to be seeing more of this technology in the future. From the fantastic folks at comes the announcement the Trumbull is returning to movies. Woo Hoo! Here’s article link to the original posted article.


“According to Variety, he’s almost finished two screenplays, and in his own words,”I’m going to be using some really extreme digital technologies.” He developed ShowScan, a 60 frame-rate per second technology, but Hollywood didn’t bite at the time. Now that frame-rate is the new buzz around Hollywood these days, he’ll be shooting with ShowScan Digital, with a higher frame-rate for his new project, whatever it turns out to be. He’ll be shooting live-action and green screen sets in 3D, and shoot as many as 100 shots a day, a formidable shooting schedule for anyone.”


“Lot’s of tank parts.”


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