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Filmations Flash Gordon

Growing up one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons was Filmations Flash Gordon.  Filmation had several series in the 70’s / 80’s that were excellent and made an impression on many children growing up during that time.  We all know about He Man and the Masters of the Universe, but before He Man was popular there was a series that I believe was one of the best TV cartoons ever made.  Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle.  Unfortunately, we may never see this on dvd because currently Disney holds the rights to Tarzan.  Along with Tarzan was Star TrekSpace Sentinels, Freedom Force, Blackstar, the live action series Space Academy, Jason of Star Command, Ark II, Shazam, and every male teens dream goddess, Isis.  Then There was Flash Gordon.  I got a chance to have a lengthy conversation with Lou Scheimer several years ago and he told me that Flash was the series he was most proud of because he loved the Flash Gordon Serials as a child.  It was his dream to do a Flash Gordon series and he was very excited to get a chance to do it.  Meeting Lou was one of the high lights of  my life because he had such an influence my childhood.   There’s a new book out called Lou Scheimer: Creating the Filmation Generation.  I think the title speaks for itself.  You can check it out here.

LouScheimer: Creating the Filmation Generation

Also for your viewing enjoyment here is the Feature Film Pilot of Filmations Flash Gordon.  Shown only once on NBC as a movie of the week. Thankfully someone has posted the entire movie on youtube.   Sit back and travel back to 1982.  Saturday Mornings will never be like this again, but that’s for another post.


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If you haven’t noticed, I added an animation news feed on the right side so fans 0f animation can keep up to date with what is going on in the animation industry.  WooHoo!  Enjoy and visit back often.

Cat Attack!

So I’ve been up since 3am.  My wife had to work today so I was home with the little cherub.  We were having a very fun time.  Around 1:00 I get him down for a nap, and he is totally out! I’m thinking “Great! I can catch some sleep myself!”  Then this happens….

No rest for the wicked.

Thanks Simon for understanding the plight of us cat owners.  Please check out other Simon’s Cat episodes.  They are very funny and ring with cat truths.

Industrial Animation

Batman Beyond Chibi

Television, video games and feature films are not the only fields that require animation.  Medical,  forensic, e-learning, and even industrial animation are all fields that are growing and demanding animation.  As an animator you can making a living working in an alternative field for animation.  It doesn’t have to be just feature films.  I work for a company that produces e – learning materials for the mining industry through out the world.  They are moving into new territory and are using animation and 3D graphics to help illustrate the training materials.   I thought I would take a moment and share our demo reel with everyone.  This is a compilation of animations and interactive simulations using the Unity Game Engine and flash that I put together.  The animations were created by Brad Beam and myself.