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A Giant Among Miniatures Has Passed.


This past week Gerry Anderson The creator of “Supermarionation” passed.  He was 83.  A master at miniature visual effects his shows influenced a whole generation of visual effects artists.  We bow our strings to the great puppet master himself.  Presented here a tribute to the amazing Gerry Anderson.



Pacific Rim Trailer!!











ROBOTS VS MONSTERS!!!   The Kaiju Film of 2013 finally has a trailer.  Being a major fan of all things kaiju I am drooling over this tidbit of glorious cinema .  If death and destruction does occur on 12/21/12 I’m gonna be sooooo PISSED!  I can wait to see Pacific Rim!
Now if they would only call out the attacks…   GETTA BEEEEEAAAM!!  ROCKET PUNCH!!!

CACANI Update!!

In searching for more information I posted on the CACANI Facebook page for more information and when this software might be released.  I got a response:

CACANi Animation also commented on their link.
CACANi Animation wrote: “The software is not yet available for sale. However there will be training centers where artist will be able to use it. The software will be available soon enough (will update when ready). Singapore, and China will be the first places where anyone interested can go to. There will be more official information on this matter as the plans materialize.”


No More Inbetweeners

Chibi Batman

Chibi Batman












My fragile little mind has just been blown apart!  My reality shattered to tiny pieces!  Today I stumbled upon a piece of software that takes 2D animation to a new level.  No More Drawing inbetweens the computer does it for you!



Computer Assited Cel ANImation.

This is amazing.  Speed up you work flow. Just draw two frames and let the computer complete the action. Then adjust the ease, and viola! Instant animation.  I’m trying to find out more information about this but I have had no success thus far.  If any one knows more about this software, where to get it, how much it costs, please, please, please, dear God please, let me know!  Here are a couple videos so you can see it in action.