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“The Father Of All We Do Today In The Buisness Of Science Fiction, Fantasy, And Adventure.”

Where have I’ve been!!??  A new documentary about Ray Harryhausen!  Anything that deals with the art of the worlds greatest Stop Motion Animator is a must have.  Unfortunately the DVD and Blue Ray are only available in the U.K..  Sadness darkens my heart, and my world just got a little bit dimmer.  I must get this movie, but how?

In any case, enjoy the trailer and let’s hope it gets distributed in the U.S..


Cinema 4D and Adobe Team Up












Very Interesting News….. The Adobe Empire giving Maxon Cinema 4D a boost by integrating it with After Effects.  Hmmmm….

“both companies are expected to collaborate and engineer a pipeline between After Effects and Cinema 4D to give users a seamless 2D/3D foundation.”

Check out the article here:

Visual Effects Round Table

3D Seventh Voyage of Sinbad!







This is a must see!  The VFX industry is trying to create a union and a global trade organization to address the issues that plague the effects community.

Here they talk about the issues and creating a union.   This could cause ripples through out the entire industry. These are the guys that make your summer block busters look good. What do you think? Should they unionize? Check this out, this is serious and could impact the entire animation community.

Classic Hanna And Barbera Saturday Morning Cartoons

In the early 70’s I used to run around the house slamming my terry cloth wrist bands together and transform into the mighty Samson.  Then turn to my cat and once again slap my wrists together to turn him into Goliath.  Well, here is a bevy of classic Hanna Barbera Cartoons to help you feel nostalgic.

Samson and Goliath:

Space Ghost:

Bird Man:


Jonny Quest:

And one of my Favorites – GODZILLA!!:

Check Out Godzilla: The Original Animated Series: The Breeder Beast on Hulu.

A New Pope…..Animation!



The white smoke poured out of the Vatican chimney today to single the election of a new Pope.  According to the prophecies of Saint Malachy, This is the last Pope signifying the end of the Catholic Church and the beginning of the Apocalypse!  Well, I really don’t know about that, but I do know about an animated 9 minute film that came out last year called “My Last Day” or as I call it, Anime Jesus.  Below is that movie, WORD OF CAUTION!  This is very violent, if you are offended easily don’t watch it! It is Bloody!


Anime Jesus:

Movie Magic Stop Motion

I have always loved the art of stop motion animation.  At the age of 13 I was at the Mountain View Drive in in Winooski Vermont one summer and I saw a movie called Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. I watched in awe as three ghouls rose from a fire and proceeded to battle Sinbad.  It was at that point that i said to myself “that’s what I want to do when I grow up”.  Well, I haven’t done any stop motion YET, because a little picture by the name of Jurassic Park changed everything for visual effects.  I stress the yet because I’m currently working on a stop motion puppet to animate.  I’ll post more about that as the project progresses.  Well, after 3 feature films, working in e-learning, animating curriculum, video games, and now currently modeling and animating equipment for mines, I finally have time to delve into the stop motion arena.  Because of this I have posted a nice little documentary about the art that has influenced visual artists everywhere…. Stop Motion Animation! Enjoy!






Stop Motion Animation Jurassic Park!



Disney and UFOs?

This has been making its way around the internet lately.  Disney’s UFO Alien Encounters Documentary.  Animation and the paranormal, how could you go wrong with that?


The End of the Clone Wars!

Well, It looks like Disney is cleaning house and stopping production on the Clone Wars animated series as well as the proposed live action series to create a new series taking place in a time frame that is unfamiliar to audiences, or recreate a star wars series.  Personally I like the idea.  The movies are dealing with the original characters let’s see something different.  What do you think?

The Article:


The last episode?:


Paranormal Documentaries for Free


One of my passions is the paranormal, high strangeness, the mysterious, fortean, and just plain weird.  In the late 70’s a flock of documentaries were released that highlighted the fortean weirdness of various paranormal topics.  For your viewing pleasure here are a couple of them.  Enjoy them as much as I did and revel in the cheesiness of 70’s cinema!

Journeys From Beyond the Earth:


The Outer Space Connection:


William Shatner in Mysteries of the Gods:


One of the, if not best, definitely most fun, Bigfoot Documentaries ever, Peter Graves in The Mysterious Monsters!:


And the best UFO Documentary, UFOs Are Real! :




The Dark Knight Returns!


Chibi Batman

Chibi Batman










If you have been living under a rock for the past few months you might not have noticed the release of Warner Brothers The Dark Knight Returns part 1 and part2



IMHO the best animated batman movies ever produced.  Based on Frank Millers Graphic Novel which you can also get here:

The Dark Knight Returns see’s an elderly Bruce Wayne come out of retirement to kick some major booty and address some social and psychological questions that have become very relevant in our time.  Villains being made out to be the victim?  Violence and Mother groups?  What really is “crazy”?   Peter Weller plays the old man brilliantly and pulls off the moody melancholy millionaire that we have come to empathize with.  I think this was the best animated film of the year, that never got any recognition by the academy or other award shows, because it was released directly on DVD and Blue Ray.  Maybe it will get recognized by the Annie Awards next year.  But in the mean time check these Movies out.  I can’t say enough about them.  But be warned, these are not for children. They really do have adult themes and tons of the Batman violence we all know and love.