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The Dark Knight Returns!


Chibi Batman

Chibi Batman










If you have been living under a rock for the past few months you might not have noticed the release of Warner Brothers The Dark Knight Returns part 1 and part2



IMHO the best animated batman movies ever produced.  Based on Frank Millers Graphic Novel which you can also get here:

The Dark Knight Returns see’s an elderly Bruce Wayne come out of retirement to kick some major booty and address some social and psychological questions that have become very relevant in our time.  Villains being made out to be the victim?  Violence and Mother groups?  What really is “crazy”?   Peter Weller plays the old man brilliantly and pulls off the moody melancholy millionaire that we have come to empathize with.  I think this was the best animated film of the year, that never got any recognition by the academy or other award shows, because it was released directly on DVD and Blue Ray.  Maybe it will get recognized by the Annie Awards next year.  But in the mean time check these Movies out.  I can’t say enough about them.  But be warned, these are not for children. They really do have adult themes and tons of the Batman violence we all know and love.



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