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The Secret Space Base Podcast Episode 1

Ray Harryhausen Special Effects Titan

Ray Harryhausen Special Effects Titan




















In conjunction with  We Present The Secret Space Base Podcast Episode 1.  My good friend Will Schwartz and I are delivering unto you a podcast that deals with animation, Scifi, toys, pop culture, etc…  In our first episode Will goes over some recent scifi, monster, and hobby magazines.  Then we delve into the new Ray Harryhausen documentary and stop motion animation.  And an interesting conversation as to the future of stop motion animation and ways to use it as an alternative to CGI.  I hope you enjoy it!  As always comments are welcomed and even encouraged especially if you have a counter point or disagree with what we are talking about.  We hope to bring this to you at least once a month.  So sit back and enjoy……

The Secret Space Base Podcast Episode 1Stop Motion Animation


Documentaries on Animation

The Amazing Art Babbitt in “Animating Art”

Frank and Olie Need I say More?

Misc. Animation Documentaies
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The Eye of the Tiger!

For your viewing pleasure, the movie that made me want to be an animator…….Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger!

Disney Layoffs 2D Animators AGAIN!!!

This sounds exactly like what happened while I was working on Treasure Planet.

2D is NOT DEAD!!!

Read Amid Amidi’s Article below.

2D is Still HERE!

Stephen Silvers Rant on Artists Pay

If you are a student or even a freelance artists you need to see this and heed his words.  I’ve even seen professionals low ball themselves.  Really?!!  Don’t let others bully you around . You as an artist are worth much more than that.  Be proud and stand up for your talent.













Every once in a while you come upon “a Diamond in the Rough”.  That diamond is a podcast I’ve been listening to these pass few weeks.  If you are into animation as a hobby you have got to listen to these guys.  If you are a professional, like I am, these guys are invaluable for information from professionals in the animation industry.  These guys are loaded with insight, laughs, Batman, curse words, and all around pure entertainment! And the best thing yet is that they have over a hundred episodes posted.   I know what you are saying, “Controller, who are these GUYS?!”.  Well, These Guys, are  Adam Hines and Andrew Murray AKA “Guys With Pencils”.

Anyone who has any interest in animation needs to listen to these guys with pencils!

Some highlights includes Showdowns with Scott C.,  Stephen Silver’s rant on Artists pay,
Scott Caple! ( I think he was at Disney working on Atlantis when I was working on Treasure Planet), Kevin Parry and stop motion animation, geeking out about Ghostbusters with Dan Schoening, and the Gals with pencils episode.

What Are you doing reading this GO CHECK THEM OUT!

Also check out the recent AltAnimation podcast. Which has an excellent commentary on the people leaving animation for other jobs or transitioning to using animation in non traditional ways. You can hear that here!

At The Movies, Will Never Be the Same


Growing up in rural Vermont without cable, we didn’t have a wide selection of TV channels to choose from.  So PBS was one of our staple channels.  If the weather was right and the coat hanger stuffed into the back of the TV was at the right angle we might be able to get channel 57 in Plattsburg, or Channel 33 in Burlington.  In any case, I remember when I found At The Movies with Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel, A show that previewed and reviewed new movies!  WOW!  I tried to catch it every week.

I remember one show in particular.  It was the “Guilty Pleasures” episode.  Movies that Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel knew were bad but enjoyed.  One of Rogers movie was a Hong Kong Tokusatsu movie called InfraMan.  I ran out to my local video store to find this gem.  And Wow! He was right.  How incredibly bad and yet amazing at the same time.  Talking monsters.  Low budget special effects.  Bad dubbing.  What else could anyone ask for?  Roger Ebert, Thank you for the movie reviews.  Thank you for introducing me to InfraMan.  May you be sitting in the big theater of heaven with Gene Siskel reviewing a new movie. I would suggest Pacific Rim.  To both of you, Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel,  I give you two thumbs up.  May you be in peace.  You will never be forgotten.