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Secret Space Base Podcast Special Ray Harryhausen Episode 2 !!

Ray Harryhausen

The Amazing Ray Harryhausen,

As a tribute to Ray Harryhausen Will Schwartz and I recorded a special podcast celebrating the life of the most influential animator in film history. With us both suffering from allergies we pushed forward talking about Ray’s incredible career, talking about each of his films, and how he inspired and influenced us as animators.


Listen as I go on an angry rant about media coverage!

Shudder in horror as we discuss the remake of Clash of the Titans!

Marvel at the sniffling drowsy duo as they try to get through all of Ray’s films before they fall into a benedryl induced coma!!

For Your Listening Pleasure? I present episode2 of The Secret Space Base Podcast!



Good Bye Mr. Harryhausen

In 1977 at the age of 13, I sat on a blanket outside of my parents car at the Mountain View Drive In in Winooski Vermont.  On the screen three ghouls from Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, rose out of the fire and proceeded to fight Sinbad and his men.  I was mesmerized.  And it was at that moment that I said “That’s what i want to do when I grow up.”  
Image I have had the privileged to work on 3 feature films, one nominated for an Academy Award.  I have worked in the Animation Field for over 14 years and I have to thank Ray Harryhausen for all of it.  Ray, your magic will be with me forever.  But more importantly, I will make sure that your movies are seen by my son.  That he will know the magic and work you have done.  That  He will know how you single handedly changed the way movies were made.  We all knew that one day God would have an opening for a stop motion animator, and that he would take only the best.  I can’t wait to see the movies you are making now.  May god bless you Mr Ray Harryhausen.  And Thank You.
I’m the co-host of a new podcast called The Secret Space Base Podcast.  This  weekend we are recording a tribute to Ray Harryhausen.  We are calling out for fans to record an audio clip about how Ray had inspired or affected their lives.  Then we will edit them together to play on the podcast.  Just state your name and where you are from and record a statement.  Email your audio clip to  Thank you.