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Pod Casts Update







Sorry for taking so long with the blog and the pod casts. I have been dealing with a month of strep throat, sinus infection, bronchitis, and laryngitis all at once! I’ve had so much antibiotics in me I smelled like a walking hospital. I’m pretty sure an ambulance tried to drop off some poor injured fellow on top of me the other day. I’m the only one I know who could get bitten by a zombie and actually cure the zombie! In any case, we will be posting up more pod casts in the near future and I’m currently working on trying to get some guests on with Will and I. We are also looking into another host for our audio files since we were shut down and told that we were infringing on copyright laws, on our own recordings! I guess we must have really sounded professional or something. So please be patient. We will have things worked out soon.

With that said I saw a very interesting documentary this weekend called “Sense of Scale”. It is about the miniatures industry in Hollywood. And the model makers who created a lot of the special effects movies of the 80’s. We will be having a pod cast dedicated to this film coming soon. So look out for that. and if you get a chance check out the Documentary!


I Got an Award!!

I got a Shine on Bloggers award from Lily Wight! Please check out the Lily Wights excellent Site here:

And Thank You for the Award it is very appreciated!!

Stop Motion Animation Test

Here’s an animation test done back in 1998, while I was back in school. I think I need to do more of this type of animation it was so much fun! Although the video source has degraded quite a bit, it’s still fun to watch. But hey! Green on Green screen?! What Was I Thinking?!!