Animation That's Out Of This World!

Stop Motion Construction Begins! part 1








Stop motion has always been a passion of mine, but I’ve never actually had many chances to do it (except that small test I did back in 1998, see a previous post).  However, now I’m challenging myself to create a stop motion puppet, animate it, and composite it into a live action scene.   So It begins!

First I did a composting test to see if I could effectively remove a background and replace it with something more ancient.  The original shot.


The background……


The final composite shot, with a little extra elements.  Here I am observing a UFO in Mexico and getting a weird feeling that I’m being watched.


Ok, So it worked.  Now I ordered an EZ Armature from Marc Spess’s excellent site, 

It arrived today.  And here it is…..






Almost 8 inches tall and fully possible. Tie downs for the feet are going to be a challenge.  we will have to deal with that when we get to it. Next step is the design and construction of the puppet!!   I’ll be using Sculpy to create the body textures, head, feet, and a claw.  The rest will be foam and  latex, then hand painted.   Stayed tune,  It’s labor day weekend and there’s lot’s of shopping to do.


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