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Stop Motion Puppet Update


My First Big Mistake!

So I started sculpting the head of my creature for the stop motion puppet that I’m making and half way through I was like “Whoa! what the heck! The head is way to big for the puppet!” Well, this is a learning process. back to the sculpting board. In any case, I wanted to record my puppet making attempt, even the mistakes, which I have stated many times, that I’m going to make along the way. Here’s the picture of my big head…..Hey! Did I just say that?!

Stop Motion Puppet Head

To big for the puppet! I have to start over.

As you can see I’m going for a sort of insectoid alien creature thing. Let’s see what the second attempt brings..

To Be Continued….

In the meantime here’s a little strange stop motion creature horror film for you to enjoy. It’s a “low budget, “trapped in a mine”-horror film” called The Strangeness!

Here’s the creature….

The Strangeness Monster Puppet

From the website:

“here are some of his descriptions of the new model:

“The Monster: While this is a latex rubber creature it does not have a flexible armature inside and is not meant to be repositioned.

Each tentacle is mounted to a square peg that fits into a square hole on the creature. Each peg has a label BL, BR, TL, TR meaning bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right. Position the label so it points up and then insert it into the appropriate hole as you face the creature. It can be a bit tricky but once you get it aligned they slide right in. From what you told me you may not need to do this as you suggested to make the tentacles separately.

The Mouth of the creature is all ready attached to its mount that consists of the pegs of a bicycle chain inserted into a bicycle chain link attached to the back of the mouth.”

Yes, I know, you can go ahead and make all the inappropriate jokes about female anatomy you want. The important thing is that it uses stop motion animation for the creature effects. Sit back and enjoy? The Strangeness!


Ralph Bakshi Wizard of Animation Marathon

I have found Ralph Bakshi to be very inspirational because he shares such insights and emotions with his experience in the animation industry. I admire Ralph because he is so candid, his stories are not all warm and fuzzy. They are real life, in the trenches, stories of the difficulties and struggles of being an animator. Watch, listen, and be inspired by the wizardry of a force of nature in the animation industry! CAUTION: SOME MATERIAL IS NSFW


ComicCon (I was there, and was blown away by Ralph because he echoed my thoughts!)

Fire and Ice

Ralph Bakshi Interviews

Thumb Snatchers From The Moon Cocoon

Check out this short film. Some fun, gross, action all in the glory of Stop motion!

Here’s the trailer:

Watch the full movie here! All Things Stop Motion Live Stream cast

I had the privilege of participating in Marc Spess’s live stream cast on Wednesday 09/18/13. We had a round table discussion about stop motion animation as a viable alternative to CGI! It was a lot of fun and I got to talk to the amazing puppet fabricator and animator Ron Cole! Check it out here!

Crowdfunding Campaign in the Spotlight: ‘Time Space Reflections’

Alba’s stop motion indiegogo project. She is a regular contributor to the 21st Century Stop Motion Facebook Page. Check it out and go kick some funding her way. You won’t regret it!

The “Build Up” has started


I’ve started the build up for my first stop motion puppet. I’m sure I’m going to make a lot of mistakes along the way, but this really is a learning experience. The next step is to create the latex skin. I’ll post the sculptures of the skin patches and the head as I move forward with the creation of the creature. I’m very excited about this. Ever since I saw the Ray Harryhausen films, I’ve always wanted to create my own creature, animate it, and composite it in with live action. Again this is a test project to see if and how to do it.





Modern Dynamation!

Here is something interesting. Using a monitor to do back projection like Harryhausen used to do in the “old days”. Check this out by Stan Winston School….

Digital Stop Motion Animation

On the 21st Century Stop Motion Facebook page we started to get into a conversation about Adobe After Effects and it’s use as an effects and animation tool. It is Amazing what this piece of software can do! Here is an example. I call it digital Stop Motion Animation. A studio called Tiny Inventions are using After Effects in a way I never thought of. They create puppets that have dimension to them, take pictures at all angles, and then rig them and animate them in After Effects. The results are pretty cool. Have a look at how it’s done…



STARLOG Magazine online!!

Here’s a little gem for you!

I grew up reading and being inspired by the articles in a magazine called STARLOG. Especially, issue 8, which had the lost city set from Land of the Lost and an animator animating “Grumpy” on the cover. I read that issue over and over and over again. Well, now you can read it too, because STARLOG is on! Here’s the link:

Nazi Dinosaurs!! Stop Motion Style!

Need I say more? The stop motion segments from Danger 5 and the making of the Nazi Dinosaurs, enjoy….