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Stop Motion Puppet Update


My First Big Mistake!

So I started sculpting the head of my creature for the stop motion puppet that I’m making and half way through I was like “Whoa! what the heck! The head is way to big for the puppet!” Well, this is a learning process. back to the sculpting board. In any case, I wanted to record my puppet making attempt, even the mistakes, which I have stated many times, that I’m going to make along the way. Here’s the picture of my big head…..Hey! Did I just say that?!

Stop Motion Puppet Head

To big for the puppet! I have to start over.

As you can see I’m going for a sort of insectoid alien creature thing. Let’s see what the second attempt brings..

To Be Continued….

In the meantime here’s a little strange stop motion creature horror film for you to enjoy. It’s a “low budget, “trapped in a mine”-horror film” called The Strangeness!

Here’s the creature….

The Strangeness Monster Puppet

From the website:

“here are some of his descriptions of the new model:

“The Monster: While this is a latex rubber creature it does not have a flexible armature inside and is not meant to be repositioned.

Each tentacle is mounted to a square peg that fits into a square hole on the creature. Each peg has a label BL, BR, TL, TR meaning bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right. Position the label so it points up and then insert it into the appropriate hole as you face the creature. It can be a bit tricky but once you get it aligned they slide right in. From what you told me you may not need to do this as you suggested to make the tentacles separately.

The Mouth of the creature is all ready attached to its mount that consists of the pegs of a bicycle chain inserted into a bicycle chain link attached to the back of the mouth.”

Yes, I know, you can go ahead and make all the inappropriate jokes about female anatomy you want. The important thing is that it uses stop motion animation for the creature effects. Sit back and enjoy? The Strangeness!


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