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Do Animators Have a Responsibility to Society? ran an article today about an animated series in China that is being pulled from the air because it is too violent. Apparently, a 10 year old child lit his brothers on fire after watching the show. This sounds a lot like Beavis and Butthead back in the the early 90’s when a kid burned down his trailer after watching the cartoon on MTV. No more “Fire, Fire! He He!”.

Here’s the Article :

This brings up the topic of animators having a responsibility to the audience and/or society to present appropriate material that will educate audiences. -Jump on Soapbox- WHAT?!! Are you telling me that society should regulate and dictate what I do as a piece of art?! Isn’t art a product of self expression? Personally, I don’t believe that any artist should have to have their art regulated or that it has to educate and improve society. I believe animation, like any other art form should be a form of self expression. Whether it be Veggie Tales preaching morals and God, or South Park making fun of Morals and God, animation should be a medium to get your ideas and message out to an audience. A medium for you to express yourself just as any other artists might. I don’t see Rap music being banned or regulated because it promotes violence. Why should animation be any different (and we already have a rating system for movies, TV, and games)? Oh Yeah, it’s because it’s a CARTOON! And as we all know cartoons are ONLY for the impressionable little cherubs in our lives. And because it is a CARTOON, it’s not really art, it’s just for kids. (On a side note, I actually had a fellow employee a week ago describe me animating as “Playing”. Really?!) -Step down from Soapbox-

Ok Time for you to Chime in. Do we, as animators, have a responsibility to the audience and/or society? I really would like to know your opinion. Honestly I can see arguments on both sides, so let’s hear what you have to say.


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