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Lou Schiemer Has Passed!

Filmations Flash Gordon signed by Lou Schiemer

Filmations Flash Gordon signed by Lou Schiemer

Lou Scheimer Has Passed

A sad day today, Lou Schiemer one of the greats behind Filmation animation studios has passed. I grew up watching a lot of the filmation shows, from Tarzan, lord of the Jungle (Awesome show and by far one of the best Filmation shows) to Flash Gordon (one of my personal favorite animated series) and even the live action series like Space Academy and Jason of Star Command. I had a chance to met Lou several years ago at the San Diego Comic Con. I had a nice one on one with him for almost an hour while he signed my Flash Gordon DVDs. He had worked with some of the greats in 2D animation and some of his comments about them were very funny. He didn’t hold back his words, especially when he was talking about Don Bluth! Thank you Lou for some fantastic childhood memories, for the hour talk about the animation industry and bringing magic into the lives of so many children. you will never be forgotten! My prayers and thoughts go out to your family.

Lou Scheimer Has Passed –


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