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Black Dynamite The Animated Series!

Black Dynamite!

Ok, I know I’m a little behind on this one. But today I watched the entire first season of Black Dynamite the animated series. I was in hysterics for the majority of the day and my use of language regressed into the potty mouth of a 17 year old gangsta from the ghettos, worse than any drunken sailor I have ever meet. Not that I’ve meet many. It was all because of this outrageous, over the top, insane animated series called Black Dynamite. I highly recommend this to fans of adult animation. And I do mean ADULT!! NOT FOR YOUNGIN’s!! DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD SEE THIS!! Sex, Drugs, Violence light up the screen like I have never seen in a cartoon before. It will blow your mind! It will offend even the un-offendable! It will make fun of pop culture to the point that you will be screaming “No Michael! No!!!” at the screen. OK, I’m not sure if it will do any of those things, but it doesn’t pull punches and totally makes fun of racial stereotypes. I think that is part of it’s strengths, In a world where we have political correctness shoved down our throats, it’s actually refreshing to sit back and let someone play the race card and stereotypes, and play it so over the top that we see the ridiculousness of it. Beating up Muppets! Michael Jackson’s seduction of Cream Corn! Porn stars being murdered! Honkey Kong’s Island of white….um… everything! (The spider pit scene is Fantastic!)The KKK! The Black Pumas! (Panther is copy written), Elvis!! Richard Nixon!!! MR. T!!!!! These are only a sampling of what you get. Watch out, the pace is fast and furious and the one liners are even faster. Produced magnificently by Titmouse Animation Studios. The animation is rich and amazing. I have so much respect for Titmouse for doing this. You guys Rock! (I seriously want to work for you guys now!) I would highly recommend this to adult lovers of animation and comedy. Fun. Exciting. Over the Top! I can’t wait for season 2.

Black Dynamite is now on Amazon Video on Demand.

Here’s a link


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