Animation That's Out Of This World!

Halloween B Movie Madness!

Time to post some classic B horror movies just in time for Halloween. Look in that plastic orange pumpkin kid, is it a TRICK or TREAT?!

Horror Hotel

Classic Christopher Lee “Burn Witch Burn!”


NSFW Sci fi Alien rip off. But it is still decent and atmospheric. Klaus Kinski is great as the old pervert astronaut.

Planet of the Dinosaurs

If you can get through the poor acting and missing plot, you might appreciate the excellent stop motion effects. The Dinosaurs are really the only reason to watch this one.

It Conquered the World

Invasion of the giant walking street cone! Lick your fingers because they will have cheese all over them! Classic and Fun!

The Monster That Challenged The World

I actually really like this movie. The creature is really cool looking even though it’s mobility is rather limited. This one is a lot of fun!


Giant Monsters!! Giant Monsters!! a Nice little Godzilla rip off.

And finally, Living Brains!! Where are the zombies when you need them? Enoy,
Fiend without a Face!


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