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Just In Time For The Holidays! Pixar Lays Off Employees Due To The Good Dinosaur Being Delayed.

Pixar lays off artists

Pixar lays off artists

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Pixar has let go about 5% of it’s work force, because of delays to the production of The Good Dinosaur. As many of you know, Bob Peterson, the project’s original director was let go of the position several months ago. The Production was pushed back from a May 30, 2014 release date to Nov. 25, 2015. Hmmmm. Is there trouble in the land of talking cars and toys? This is sounds very similar to what was happen to Disney back when I worked on Treasure Planet. Projects being cancelled, going over budget, or even scraped and taken back to the drawing board to start over. The Emperors New Groove was suppose to be an epic drama called something like The Kingdom of the Sun. The Movie Wild Life was totally cancelled and led to about 100 animators and artists being laid off. Atlantis Flopped at the box office, Tresure Planet went up against Harry Potter, who’s smart Decision was that?! Again box office fail. Is something similar happening at Pixar, since Disney took it over? Probably not. They probably realized that the story wasn’t working and wanted to retool the project. We all know about Pixars story first philosophy. However, is it gonna cost the studio in the long run? Let’s be honest Pixar films do have a pretty good run at the box office so it probably won’t effect the studio too much. It’ll just effect the artist that were laid off, just in time for the holidays. What are your thoughts?


VFX Artist To Protest Obama’s Dreamworks Visit!

VFX Solidarity

VFX Solidarity

Check out this Article from Ramin Zahed on the Obama is visiting Dreamworks tomorrow, this provided a great opportunity for the VFX Solidarity movement to voice their concerns about the difficulties occuring in the VFX industry. If you are in the Glendale / Burbank Area please go out and support these hard working artists! Go Green! Green Screen that is!

Link to the actual article:

“Hoping to raise awareness about the plight of U.S.-based visual effects artist, activists are planning a protest during President Obama’s visit to the DreamWorks’ campus in Glendale this Tuesday (Nov. 26). The Hollywood Reporter says about 500 green T-shirts have been purchased by organizers in the hopes that artists will wear them to express their support for this cause.

“Our intent is to get the message to President Obama that our jobs have left the country, and VFX shops have gone bankrupt, due to tax incentives. There is hardly any VFX work left in Los Angeles,” digital artist Dave Rand told the trade magazine. Rand was also involved at the rally held during the Oscars last February.

A recent post on the VFX Soldier blog, invited the vfx community to send the message to the president but also said it’s doubtful that a demonstration could take place outside of DWA due to security. A rally on Flower Street may also be in the works. plans being discussed to stage a rally on Flower Street nearby.

The post on VFX Soldier post reads, “Things have got so bad that there is a petition going around urging for a countervailing duty (CVD) to offset locations that offer subsidies. If I were in that audience I’d simply say this: ‘Mr. President, while this should be a growing industry, many of my colleagues in VFX are losing their jobs and being forced to move out of the country to places that offer huge subsidies. Would you support our effort to place a duty to offset these distorting subsidies? You have the sole authority to solve this problem right now and you can do it without Congress.’”

“Now I doubt anyone would get a chance to ask the question but my point about our CVD effort is this: We don’t need the President or Congress to do this. All we need is two things: Prove that we’ve been injured by these subsidies, and demonstrate that the majority of the domestic industry supports this effort. We are working hard to move forward and always appreciate the support. Wearing a green shirt is all you need to do to get the media to ask what this is all about.”

You can learn more about the protest plans here:”

Go Fish!

I had Adobe Flash open at work today and couldn’t resist the urge to do something a little creative and organic, not so mechanical. So, I grabbed the mouse and whipped out this little Fish character. I thought I would post it since I haven’t posted one of my chibi characters in a while. Enjoy!


A little Fishy, if you ask me. But Who’s asking you?!

Calvin and Hobbes Animated!

Thanks to Adam Hines and Andrew Murray over at the Guys With Pencils Podcast for talking with Adam Brown about his recent posting of his animation of Calvin and Hobbes and drawing attention to this excellent cartoon based on a speech Bill Watterson gave at a graduation in 1990. I thought this was very inspirational and a wonderful celebration of one of the greatest comic strips ever to be produced.

Thank you Bill Watterson! Thank you for the inspiration, the laughs, the joys and the tears when we had to say good-bye to these two beloved characters. And most importantly, Thank You for the book collections of Calvin and Hobbes, so I might share the joy you brought to me as a kid, to my son.

Bill Watterson Speech

Bill Watterson Speech

John Carter of Mars The Animation!

John Carter of Mars

John Carter of Mars

I am a huge John Carter of Mars fan and have read all the books several time. I have always thought that Carters adventures on Barsoom would make a great animated series. Well, back in the 1936 it looks like Bob Clampett had the same idea. And worked with Edgar Rice Burroughs son, John Coleman Burroughs, actually produced some footage of animation. This is amazing! I wish it would have taken off like the Fleischer Superman cartoons did. We might have had a greater appreciation of this timeless character.

From Wikipedia

“Bob Clampett involvement

In 1931, Looney Tunes director Bob Clampett approached Edgar Rice Burroughs with the idea of adapting A Princess of Mars into a feature-length animated film. Burroughs responded enthusiastically, recognizing that a regular live-action feature would face various limitations to adapt accurately, so he advised Clampett to write an original animated adventure for John Carter. Working with Burroughs’ son John Coleman Burroughs in 1935, Clampett used rotoscope and other hand-drawn techniques to capture the action, tracing the motions of an athlete who performed John Carter’s powerful movements in the reduced Martian gravity, and designed the green-skinned, 4-armed Tharks to give them a believable appearance. He then produced footage of them riding their eight-legged Thoats at a gallop, which had all of their eight legs moving in coordinated motion; he also produced footage of a fleet of rocketships emerging from a Martian volcano. MGM was to release the cartoons, and the studio heads were enthusiastic about the series.

The test footage, produced by 1936, received negative reactions from film exhibitors across the U.S., especially in small towns; many gave their opinion that the concept of an Earthman on Mars was just too outlandish an idea for midwestern American audiences to accept. The series was not given the go-ahead, and Clampett was instead encouraged to produce an animated Tarzan series, an offer which he later declined. Clampett recognized the irony in MGM’s decision, as the Flash Gordon movie serial, released in the same year by Universal Studios, was highly successful. He speculated that MGM believed that serials were only played to children during Saturday matinees, whereas the John Carter tales were intended to be seen by adults during the evening. The footage that Clampett produced was believed lost for many years, until Burroughs’ grandson, Danton Burroughs, in the early 1970s found some of the film tests in the Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. archives. Had A Princess of Mars been released, it might have preceded Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to become the first American feature-length animated film.”

Presented here the amazing Bob Clampett and John Carter the Warlord of Mars!!

Night of the Doctor Webisode – Paul McGann as the Doctor, Again!

Paul McGann as The Doctor!

Paul McGann as The Doctor!

I have always thought that Paul McGann made a very good Doctor. It is just that the movie he was in didn’t have the script power that the recent series has. Therefore, I was very excited when I saw this webisode With Paul McGann reprising his role as the Doctor. And we finally get a glimpse into the fear people have for the time lords. This is golden Awesomeness! Enjoy, The Night of the Doctor!

Then You’ll Be Afraid

My wife is threatening to beat me severely about the face and neck if I don’t post the latest trailer to Sleeping Beauty, um, I mean Maleficent. I have to admit the visuals are pretty stunning. I have a feeling this is gonna make some pretty good cash for the Mouse House.

MANBORG!! The Ultimate B Movie!



I saw this a while ago and was blown away at the amazing cheapness, the poor acting, the WTF moments, and the very cool use of stop motion animation. I immediately got on the phone and call my friend Will and told him that this movie had got to be the worse movie ever made or an absolute amazing piece of brilliant cinematic genius! I endured multiple comical derogatory comments from my wife while watching Manborg, yet I had to watch this train wreck, or piece of magnificent art. Will watched it, and could not take his eyes off it. You have to watch it all the way through. Even to this day I can’t get the image of this film, that was burned on to my retinas, out of my head.

From Wikipedia: “Production began in 2009, with approximately one year of filming followed by two years of post-production. Chroma key backdrops were used for most filmed scenes. Production costs were approximately $1,000 (CAD).”

So When I saw it was on Hulu I knew I just had to post it for the world to see. I present to you, so you may judge for yourself, the magnificence of Manborg!

To The Way Back Machine!

Dreamworks has been working on updating a classic cartoon that I use to watch as a little tike. It doesn’t have the Mr. Peabody’s voice or Sherman’s curious attitude, and it looks like they have introduced a girl character to give it appeal to a wider audience. However, with the voice talents of Ty Burrell, Patrick Warburton, Mel Brooks, and Stanely Tucci, it might just have some serious funny moments. However, Ariel Winter who plays Penny, did not impress me at all as Robin in the The Dark knight Returns, but we will have to see how her performance works here. Directed by Rob Minkoff, who has the Lion King and Stuart little under his belt adds some serious clout to this production. And it’s pretty darn cute!

The Snow Is Gonna Run Red With Your Blood!

Snow Sharks

Snow Sharks

OK, This has got to be either the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen or a piece of pure genius. Yes it’s Avalanche Sharks!
We have talked about good stop motion animation looking like CGI. And then there’s bad CGI that looks like, well…..Bad. And yet I have to admire anyone who can put a movie together and get it distributed at all. Good job who ever made this. I have to respect you for your valiant effort. Here you go gang, feast your eyes on Avalanche Sharks.
Snow sharks on the prowl, eating scantily clad skiers and snow boarders. Watch for yourself and be amazed! A bevy of beauties, cheesy CGI, and lot’s of zesty mint stage blood covered snow! Who produces this stuff? Because, I have a few movie ideas I’d like to get made too.