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Update- Release Date For Sinbad The Fifth Voyage! -Update!!

Sinbad The Fifth Voyage

Sinbad The Fifth Voyage

I have been waiting to see this movie for a while and finally IMDB is giving us a release date! Done in the tradition of the Ray Harryhausen creature films, with stop motion or what Ray would call Dynamation, Sinbad is taking us into the future with modern Dynamation. Stop motion animation combined with the technology of computer animation! I’m very excited to see what the artists that have worked on this film come up with. With the talents of Ron Cole, Peter Montgomery, Denis Baudin, Paul McConnochie, Harvey Lowry and many other talented artists who have a passion for film making and the art of modern stop motion animation. Filled with visual effects and fantastic creatures, this is just the type of movie I crave! Here’s the trailer:

Excited yet? I am! UPDATE -I have been informed by a very reliable source that the release date on the IMDB page is not totally accurate and that we should expect a release of Sinbad The Fifth Voyage in”Early 2014″ – UPDATE The new year can not come fast enough!

Well, Will it looks like the first part of 2014 will be the Sinbad edition of the Secret Space Base Podcast. Anyone involved with this film, who would like to talk with us about it, please feel free to contact me. We would love to get a bunch of you on our podcast and promote stop motion animation, or modern “Dynamation”, as a viable alternative to CGI in feature films.

If you have other news about Sinbad The Fifth Voyage, please feel free to post in the comments section.


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