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Just In Time For The Holidays! Pixar Lays Off Employees Due To The Good Dinosaur Being Delayed.

Pixar lays off artists

Pixar lays off artists

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Pixar has let go about 5% of it’s work force, because of delays to the production of The Good Dinosaur. As many of you know, Bob Peterson, the project’s original director was let go of the position several months ago. The Production was pushed back from a May 30, 2014 release date to Nov. 25, 2015. Hmmmm. Is there trouble in the land of talking cars and toys? This is sounds very similar to what was happen to Disney back when I worked on Treasure Planet. Projects being cancelled, going over budget, or even scraped and taken back to the drawing board to start over. The Emperors New Groove was suppose to be an epic drama called something like The Kingdom of the Sun. The Movie Wild Life was totally cancelled and led to about 100 animators and artists being laid off. Atlantis Flopped at the box office, Tresure Planet went up against Harry Potter, who’s smart Decision was that?! Again box office fail. Is something similar happening at Pixar, since Disney took it over? Probably not. They probably realized that the story wasn’t working and wanted to retool the project. We all know about Pixars story first philosophy. However, is it gonna cost the studio in the long run? Let’s be honest Pixar films do have a pretty good run at the box office so it probably won’t effect the studio too much. It’ll just effect the artist that were laid off, just in time for the holidays. What are your thoughts?


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