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New Demo Reel on the Portfolio Page


Added My new demo reel to the portfolio page.


Will Vinton Live Friday 01/24/14 8pm

Will Vinton

Will Vinton

Director and Claymation animator Will Vinton will be on a special live broadcast and chat on Marc Spess’ site at 8pm central time Friday 01\24\14.  This will be a great opportunity to chat with and listen to a master of stop motion animation.  Responsible for the California Raisins,Domino’s Pizza Noid, The Adventures of Mark Twain, Dinosaurs, The PJs, and the emmy award winning A Claymation Christmas Celebration, Will Vinton has proven to be one of the greats in animation history.

A “Frozen” Recovery…. and some things for 2014



The last couple months have not been the best for me, having to deal with the holidays while also dealing with medical issues and surgery kinda takes the “thanks” out of thanksgiving and the “mas” out of Christmas. (The Vicodin made that sound funnier than it was.) However, I’m finally on the road to mending and will start blogging and pod-casting again. Not wanting to be a downer I thought I would post some news of Hope for the new year.

The Disney feature film Frozen has broke the $500 million mark worldwide!! Good Job Disney! Does this mean Disney is on the way back to becoming king of the animation studios again? Only time will tell, and with other studios ramping up feature films for next few years, it looks like Disney has some tough competition. Laika’s Box Trolls is on the top of my list of interesting movies to watch out for. And we are finally seeing some smaller independent studios launching into the animated feature film “Ring”. I’ll be reporting on that later in the year.

Also, premiering on January 31st is SINBAD: The 5th Voyage The film that will bring back Modern Dynamation! Very Exciting! I urge everyone to go and seek out this movie to watch and support the return of stop motion animation to creature films!

The Secret Space Base Pod-Cast will continue and I plan on being more aggressive about getting some very interesting guests.

I’m also going to delve into how to fund your own projects and try posting places where you can go to apply for grants. The past two days, I have returned to work, and found some interesting articles to blog on. I’m trying to find ways to fund my own projects, besides crowd funding, and I think there are some things we can all learn from my own search for financial funding.

Ok starting to get achy and gotta go recover a bit. Until next time…

“Animate good, animate bad, just animate!”