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I’m very excited to be working on a new demo reel that will include some new work that I’ve done at PAI inc. here in Tucson.  I’m also going back to my roots and trying to produce some 2D material.  Some test footage from my ongoing STARFISH project.  I’m even contemplating taking the plunge into freelance work.  I image that I’m going to be pretty busy in the next few weeks.  However, I will enjoy it.  I love animating, and getting a chance to produce my own material makes me giddy with joy.


ROBB PRATT Interview from The Rubber Onion Podcast


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Check out this Interview with Flash Gordon Classic Creator Robb Pratt!!  It is very inspirational!! Then go back and listen to the other Rubber Onion Podcasts!  Great information on animation. Positive, funny, and upbeat, these guys are becoming one of the best animation podcasts that deal with independent and professional animation!

Flash Gordon Classic

I’m a big fan of the serials from the 30’s and 40’s.  Here is a man after my own heart!! An excellent animation from Robb Pratt. I would love to see this go to series as these shows were so much fun!

Where 2d Animation is NOT Dead!

And more Flash Here…. I grew up watching Filmation’s Flash Gordon. When I meet Lou Scheimer he mentioned that Flash was the series he was most proud of because he grew up watching the classic Serials.

And the original Classic serial:

And let’s not forget this gem…..

Saturday morning cartoons will never be the same

It’s one of those times when you just slap your face and shake your head. Then praise the creativity of people on YouTube.

More Episodes of the Secret Space Base Podcast!

Wow! It’s taken me forever to get these episodes uploaded.  Battling with sinus infections suck!  Slowly my voice is coming back, so hopefully we will have some more episodes soon.  Episode Six is all Will talking to the crew of the Project Sword Moonbase Central Blog. Toys and Sci Fi Television and movies, all the way from England!  Enjoy!


Check this out on Chirbit

Episode Seven is our rambling round up of 2013.  And boy do we ramble on.  I sound like I’m coming down from a meth amphetamine high and crashing bad! Seriously, this episode could be a drinking game you play with your friends, with how many times Will says “absolutely” and “excellent”, and how many times I say “awesome” and “um”.  You’ll be drunk in no time!  With that and the technical problems we were having should make this a rather interesting if not humorous episode.  Good books mentioned, and good fan boy conversation.


Check this out on Chirbit

As always please feel free to comment on anything we comment on, wither it is negative or positive, it is welcomed.

The 100th post!  Yay!


Secret Space Base Podcast Episode 5, Farewell Lou Schiemer!

Lou Scheimer Has Passed

Filmations Flash Gordon signed by Lou Schiemer

Filmations Flash Gordon signed by Lou Schiemer

In our 5th Episode of the Secret space Base Podcast, Will Schwartz and Tim Bergeron say goodbye to one of the giants of Saturday Morning cartoons, Lou Schiemer, and talk about Filmation and the impact it had on us as kids. We also address the loss of how special Saturday mornings were and the creepiness of the GI Joe public service announcements at the end of each GI Joe episode. Time to get nostalgic, and celebrate the reuse of run cycles! By the Power of Gray Skull, listen to Secret Space Base Podcast Episode 5!

Secret Space Base Podcast Episode 5

Lou Schiemer Has Passed!

Filmations Flash Gordon signed by Lou Schiemer

Filmations Flash Gordon signed by Lou Schiemer

Lou Scheimer Has Passed

A sad day today, Lou Schiemer one of the greats behind Filmation animation studios has passed. I grew up watching a lot of the filmation shows, from Tarzan, lord of the Jungle (Awesome show and by far one of the best Filmation shows) to Flash Gordon (one of my personal favorite animated series) and even the live action series like Space Academy and Jason of Star Command. I had a chance to met Lou several years ago at the San Diego Comic Con. I had a nice one on one with him for almost an hour while he signed my Flash Gordon DVDs. He had worked with some of the greats in 2D animation and some of his comments about them were very funny. He didn’t hold back his words, especially when he was talking about Don Bluth! Thank you Lou for some fantastic childhood memories, for the hour talk about the animation industry and bringing magic into the lives of so many children. you will never be forgotten! My prayers and thoughts go out to your family.

Lou Scheimer Has Passed –