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An Animated Christmas

As we all sit and wait for the Krampus to arrive tonight we might as well enjoy some of my childhood favorite versions of A Christmas Carol.

Richard Williams Classic…..


I always Liked the skeletal wild haired Marley in this version. A Christmas Carol (1969), a 45 minute children’s afternoon special directed by Zoran Janjic and produced by Australia’s Air Programs and aired in the U.S. on CBS on December 13, 1970. Ron Haddrick voiced Scrooge for the Australian production. It was the first in a series titled Famous Classic Tales and sponsored by Kenner when broadcast.



and for you Disney Fans…..




Frozen for Real?

I knew Frozen was a huge hit, but this is pretty amazing! A little boy with the powers to freeze like Elsa in Frozen!
Crazy, huh? 😛

Halloween B Movie Madness!

Time to post some classic B horror movies just in time for Halloween. Look in that plastic orange pumpkin kid, is it a TRICK or TREAT?!

Horror Hotel

Classic Christopher Lee “Burn Witch Burn!”


NSFW Sci fi Alien rip off. But it is still decent and atmospheric. Klaus Kinski is great as the old pervert astronaut.

Planet of the Dinosaurs

If you can get through the poor acting and missing plot, you might appreciate the excellent stop motion effects. The Dinosaurs are really the only reason to watch this one.

It Conquered the World

Invasion of the giant walking street cone! Lick your fingers because they will have cheese all over them! Classic and Fun!

The Monster That Challenged The World

I actually really like this movie. The creature is really cool looking even though it’s mobility is rather limited. This one is a lot of fun!


Giant Monsters!! Giant Monsters!! a Nice little Godzilla rip off.

And finally, Living Brains!! Where are the zombies when you need them? Enoy,
Fiend without a Face!

A New Pope…..Animation!



The white smoke poured out of the Vatican chimney today to single the election of a new Pope.  According to the prophecies of Saint Malachy, This is the last Pope signifying the end of the Catholic Church and the beginning of the Apocalypse!  Well, I really don’t know about that, but I do know about an animated 9 minute film that came out last year called “My Last Day” or as I call it, Anime Jesus.  Below is that movie, WORD OF CAUTION!  This is very violent, if you are offended easily don’t watch it! It is Bloody!


Anime Jesus:

Disney and UFOs?

This has been making its way around the internet lately.  Disney’s UFO Alien Encounters Documentary.  Animation and the paranormal, how could you go wrong with that?


Paranormal Documentaries for Free


One of my passions is the paranormal, high strangeness, the mysterious, fortean, and just plain weird.  In the late 70’s a flock of documentaries were released that highlighted the fortean weirdness of various paranormal topics.  For your viewing pleasure here are a couple of them.  Enjoy them as much as I did and revel in the cheesiness of 70’s cinema!

Journeys From Beyond the Earth:


The Outer Space Connection:


William Shatner in Mysteries of the Gods:


One of the, if not best, definitely most fun, Bigfoot Documentaries ever, Peter Graves in The Mysterious Monsters!:


And the best UFO Documentary, UFOs Are Real! :





If you haven’t seen these you need to hurry on over to

I create a hallowindow myself every year but unfortunately, Strep throat has got me a bit down and I won’t be getting one done this year. In any case enjoy the original Hallowindows from Mark Gervais:

3D elements from VideoCopilot

Now for those of you with 3D skills, do a big Spring Heeled Jack Jump over to

And grab some free 3D elements to create your own Hallowindow!

Trick or Treat from


One of the things that has been helping me get motivated to work are podcasts about animation and the animation industry.  Since this blog is about animation I thought I would share some of my favorite podcasts.  While I’m at work modeling,composting, or even animating (unless it’s lipsync) one of the things that I do is listen to other animators talk about their experiences.  This really helps with motivation when you hear other animators going through the same things you are.

Again I have to say “just get your stuff out there!”

Ok here we go…..

This podcast has me totally hooked!  I can’t get enough of these guys.  It’s Josh Ryan and Robert Orndoff’s
 Alt/Animation podcast.  Interviews with independent animators and more these guy present a show that is not only entertaining but very informative as well.  I can’t wait until the next episode.

ReAnimators Podcast is hosted by Ryan Duffin, Mike Jungbluth, and Rick Blankenship and can be found here.

An older podcast that is fun to listen to and has been absorbed by ALT/Animation is Cel Therapy hosted by Kevin Cooper.  Kevin just talks about cartoons he has been watching and I find him very entertaining. Check him out here…

Finally, I have The Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum.  Funny and informative interviews with animators, artists and an episode that I listen to over and over again with the wacky, offensive, and very sinister JJ Villard.

Now, for those who like the creepy, paranormal, and strange. Check out Darkness Radio

UFO Secrets Revealed

Mufon Guy

I have an avid interest in the paranormal. Last year I decided to attend several Mutual UFO Network meetings and found several of them to be absolutely amazing, interesting, informative, and a serious look at a phenomenon that has plagued the world in our modern times…….And then there was the other ones. Ok let me first state my opinion. The UFO community’s worst enemy is the UFO Community! In order to do a serious scientific investigation into the events of high strangeness you have to exclude the frauds, hoaxers, and um…..people who are not totally, um …..

convincing, to put it delicately.

Here is my take on one of those people (actually a composite of several people) who entertained the audience during one of those meetings.