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An Animated Christmas

As we all sit and wait for the Krampus to arrive tonight we might as well enjoy some of my childhood favorite versions of A Christmas Carol.

Richard Williams Classic…..


I always Liked the skeletal wild haired Marley in this version. A Christmas Carol (1969), a 45 minute children’s afternoon special directed by Zoran Janjic and produced by Australia’s Air Programs and aired in the U.S. on CBS on December 13, 1970. Ron Haddrick voiced Scrooge for the Australian production. It was the first in a series titled Famous Classic Tales and sponsored by Kenner when broadcast.



and for you Disney Fans…..




Saturday morning cartoons will never be the same

It’s one of those times when you just slap your face and shake your head. Then praise the creativity of people on YouTube.

Blender your way to animation!

Blender 3D

We all know about the free 3d software called Blender. It actually is a very good alternative to high end 3d programs like Maya or Cinema 4d. I’ve used it from time to time and once you get the shortcut keys down you should be doing some amazing stuff with it. There is a huge user base and tons of tutorials for you on the internet as well as a plethora of books and videos out there. My wife sent me the following link. Check it out. You might be surprised.

More Episodes of the Secret Space Base Podcast!

Wow! It’s taken me forever to get these episodes uploaded.  Battling with sinus infections suck!  Slowly my voice is coming back, so hopefully we will have some more episodes soon.  Episode Six is all Will talking to the crew of the Project Sword Moonbase Central Blog. Toys and Sci Fi Television and movies, all the way from England!  Enjoy!


Check this out on Chirbit

Episode Seven is our rambling round up of 2013.  And boy do we ramble on.  I sound like I’m coming down from a meth amphetamine high and crashing bad! Seriously, this episode could be a drinking game you play with your friends, with how many times Will says “absolutely” and “excellent”, and how many times I say “awesome” and “um”.  You’ll be drunk in no time!  With that and the technical problems we were having should make this a rather interesting if not humorous episode.  Good books mentioned, and good fan boy conversation.


Check this out on Chirbit

As always please feel free to comment on anything we comment on, wither it is negative or positive, it is welcomed.

The 100th post!  Yay!


A Rankin Bass Celebration

Arthur Rankin Jr.

A couple of weeks ago Animator, producer, director Arthur Rankin Jr. passed away.  Rankin/Bass had a huge influence on my life as a child and hearing of his passing really got me down.  I hope he realized how excited I would get every Christmas to see the stop motion animated specials.  This Christmas my beautiful wife got me Rudolph, Santa Clause is Coming to Town and Frosty on Blue Ray.  And how could I ever forget the Tolkien animated specials  “Where there’s a whip, there’s a way!” still rings in my head from time to time.  But one of my Favorites to this day is the Toho Studios / Rankin Bass collaboration King Kong Escapes! In celebration of Rankin/Bass I present some video clips from his career.  Mr. Rankin, you brought joy and wonderment to so many children, your legacy will never be forgotten. Thank you for making Bumbles Bounce, and for making my childhood so much richer.

A “Frozen” Recovery…. and some things for 2014



The last couple months have not been the best for me, having to deal with the holidays while also dealing with medical issues and surgery kinda takes the “thanks” out of thanksgiving and the “mas” out of Christmas. (The Vicodin made that sound funnier than it was.) However, I’m finally on the road to mending and will start blogging and pod-casting again. Not wanting to be a downer I thought I would post some news of Hope for the new year.

The Disney feature film Frozen has broke the $500 million mark worldwide!! Good Job Disney! Does this mean Disney is on the way back to becoming king of the animation studios again? Only time will tell, and with other studios ramping up feature films for next few years, it looks like Disney has some tough competition. Laika’s Box Trolls is on the top of my list of interesting movies to watch out for. And we are finally seeing some smaller independent studios launching into the animated feature film “Ring”. I’ll be reporting on that later in the year.

Also, premiering on January 31st is SINBAD: The 5th Voyage The film that will bring back Modern Dynamation! Very Exciting! I urge everyone to go and seek out this movie to watch and support the return of stop motion animation to creature films!

The Secret Space Base Pod-Cast will continue and I plan on being more aggressive about getting some very interesting guests.

I’m also going to delve into how to fund your own projects and try posting places where you can go to apply for grants. The past two days, I have returned to work, and found some interesting articles to blog on. I’m trying to find ways to fund my own projects, besides crowd funding, and I think there are some things we can all learn from my own search for financial funding.

Ok starting to get achy and gotta go recover a bit. Until next time…

“Animate good, animate bad, just animate!”

Tom Baker in Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who Day of the Doctor

For those Doctor Who fans, Aaron Sagers at let it slip Friday night on Darkness Radio that yes indeed Tom Baker will make an appearance in the 50th year anniversary episode. The excitement is mounting as we eagerly await this episode that according to the trailers looks like the BBC is pulling out all the stops and is going to blow us all away!

Pixar Closes it’s Doors …. In Canada!

>singing< Oh, Canada! >singing<

My thoughts are with the 100 employees that lost their jobs.  I’ve been through this before and know how it feels.  This makes me wonder what is going on at Pixar.  We know they have changed directors on their Dinosaur movie, what other changes are going on?  Is it because they announced they are no longer going to do sequels (smart move in my opinion)?  We may never know, but is this an indication of trouble in the animation industry?  The most successful movie studio in history laying off and closing a branch can’t be a good sign.

Here’s the article:


What do You think?


Crowdfunding Campaign in the Spotlight: ‘Time Space Reflections’

Alba’s stop motion indiegogo project. She is a regular contributor to the 21st Century Stop Motion Facebook Page. Check it out and go kick some funding her way. You won’t regret it!

Stop Motion Construction Begins! part 1








Stop motion has always been a passion of mine, but I’ve never actually had many chances to do it (except that small test I did back in 1998, see a previous post).  However, now I’m challenging myself to create a stop motion puppet, animate it, and composite it into a live action scene.   So It begins!

First I did a composting test to see if I could effectively remove a background and replace it with something more ancient.  The original shot.


The background……


The final composite shot, with a little extra elements.  Here I am observing a UFO in Mexico and getting a weird feeling that I’m being watched.


Ok, So it worked.  Now I ordered an EZ Armature from Marc Spess’s excellent site, 

It arrived today.  And here it is…..






Almost 8 inches tall and fully possible. Tie downs for the feet are going to be a challenge.  we will have to deal with that when we get to it. Next step is the design and construction of the puppet!!   I’ll be using Sculpy to create the body textures, head, feet, and a claw.  The rest will be foam and  latex, then hand painted.   Stayed tune,  It’s labor day weekend and there’s lot’s of shopping to do.