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Don Bluth is Trying to Bring 2D Animation Back!!

Check this out! a kickstarter champaign for a new Dragon’s Lair film!!  Donate if you can!!


An Exo Squad Birthday!!

exosquad_celMy beautiful Wife just got me this original Exo Squad animation cel for my birthday!!  Original art work from an excellent underrated animated series about the domination of earth by the Neosapians a cloned race of blue beings that we created for slave labor.  Mature themes, excellent voice acting, and intergalactic continuing story lines that advances the plot to a cliffhanger that made you wanting more.  It lasted only 2 seasons, but how I wish there was a third season to wrap things up.

From wikipedia:

Exosquad is an American animated television series created by Universal Cartoon Studios as a response to Japanese anime.[3] The show is set in the beginning of the 22nd century and covers the interplanetary war between humanity and Neosapiens, a fictional race artificially created as workers/slaves for the Terrans. The narrative generally follows Able Squad, an elite Terran unit of mecha pilots, on their missions all over the Solar System, although other storylines are also abundant. The series ran for two complete seasons in syndication from 1993 to 1994, and was cancelled after one third-season episode had been produced. Reruns later aired on Universal-owned USA Network. The music from the show was used in the third season of the paranormal series Sightings as additional background score.”


The critical reception of Exosquad was generally positive, as it was described as “no ordinary cartoon”, “truly a superb piece of work”, “a kind show that [one]’ll never forget”, and “one of the greatest anime epics ever made”. Phil Summers of commented that while “the early 90s wasn’t exactly the best time for cartoons”, Exosquad was “one of the most underrated cartoon series of all time”. Summers spoke highly of its “serious, ongoing storyline”, complimenting the maturity of raised themes, and denoted the decision to cancel it despite the rising popularity as “weird”. Likewise, Thomas Wheeler of described the abrupt ending as “a VERY frustrating cliff-hanger”. Both Summers and Wheeler praised the quality of the toy line that accompanied the series.TG Moses of pointed out that the two main strengths of Exosquad are its “phenomenal” story and its characters. Like Phil Summers, he complimented the mature themes (such as racism, religion, and politics), calling the show “thought provoking and inspiring” with “an incredible amount of depth” in it. Moses specifically praised the characterization of the Neosapien characters, which avoided “absolute good and evil” designations, and voice acting in the show, wherein he perceived it “better than everyone else”. Both Will Meugniot and Michael Edens commented that Exosquad was the best show they have worked on.

Gord Lacey of reviewed the first season upon its DVD release and likewise praised the maturity and complexity of the show, which subverted his expectations. He criticized the occasionally blurry visuals and too quiet audio of the release, rating them both 7/10. Lacey named the absence of DVD extras as a possible source of disappointment for the fans of the show.

ROBB PRATT Interview from The Rubber Onion Podcast


# RubberOionPodcast



Check out this Interview with Flash Gordon Classic Creator Robb Pratt!!  It is very inspirational!! Then go back and listen to the other Rubber Onion Podcasts!  Great information on animation. Positive, funny, and upbeat, these guys are becoming one of the best animation podcasts that deal with independent and professional animation!

Flash Gordon Classic

I’m a big fan of the serials from the 30’s and 40’s.  Here is a man after my own heart!! An excellent animation from Robb Pratt. I would love to see this go to series as these shows were so much fun!

Where 2d Animation is NOT Dead!

And more Flash Here…. I grew up watching Filmation’s Flash Gordon. When I meet Lou Scheimer he mentioned that Flash was the series he was most proud of because he grew up watching the classic Serials.

And the original Classic serial:

And let’s not forget this gem…..