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Graphic Resume

I’ve created a graphic resume, something a little bit different than the average run of the mill text on paper resume.  I am trying to go for a retro 60’s -70’s feel, not sure that I succeeded but hey it’s the beta version. Just thought I would share since it’s been a while since I posted my own work up here.



Blender your way to animation!

Blender 3D

We all know about the free 3d software called Blender. It actually is a very good alternative to high end 3d programs like Maya or Cinema 4d. I’ve used it from time to time and once you get the shortcut keys down you should be doing some amazing stuff with it. There is a huge user base and tons of tutorials for you on the internet as well as a plethora of books and videos out there. My wife sent me the following link. Check it out. You might be surprised.

New Demo Reel on the Portfolio Page


Added My new demo reel to the portfolio page.

Visual Effects Round Table

3D Seventh Voyage of Sinbad!







This is a must see!  The VFX industry is trying to create a union and a global trade organization to address the issues that plague the effects community.

Here they talk about the issues and creating a union.   This could cause ripples through out the entire industry. These are the guys that make your summer block busters look good. What do you think? Should they unionize? Check this out, this is serious and could impact the entire animation community.

Animation News











If you haven’t noticed, I added an animation news feed on the right side so fans 0f animation can keep up to date with what is going on in the animation industry.  WooHoo!  Enjoy and visit back often.

3D CGI Stop Motion Animation

Qumarion a USB input device for 3D applications that uses a puppet to manipulate a 3D CGI character.  I’m thinking if this was used to set key frames from pose to pose, frame to frame, like you would animated a stop motion puppet you might be able to simulate the stop motion animation experience and feel.  I would love to check this out. Unfortunately it’s not available in the US yet. Running around $750.00 I look forward to see how this might be used in the animation industry.  Visit the website at

What do you think?  Comments?

Sneaky Snakes on itunes

Sneaky Snakes is a game for the IPhone and Android phone that I provided animation and visuals for. If you get a chance check it out and leave a comment. It was originally created as a kids game and then we got way to addicted to the simplicity of the game play. Basically you play a young boy who has to scare away waves of snakes with only a flash light. You have some very cool power ups but use them sparingly because you will need them in the more challenging levels.