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MANBORG!! The Ultimate B Movie!



I saw this a while ago and was blown away at the amazing cheapness, the poor acting, the WTF moments, and the very cool use of stop motion animation. I immediately got on the phone and call my friend Will and told him that this movie had got to be the worse movie ever made or an absolute amazing piece of brilliant cinematic genius! I endured multiple comical derogatory comments from my wife while watching Manborg, yet I had to watch this train wreck, or piece of magnificent art. Will watched it, and could not take his eyes off it. You have to watch it all the way through. Even to this day I can’t get the image of this film, that was burned on to my retinas, out of my head.

From Wikipedia: “Production began in 2009, with approximately one year of filming followed by two years of post-production. Chroma key backdrops were used for most filmed scenes. Production costs were approximately $1,000 (CAD).”

So When I saw it was on Hulu I knew I just had to post it for the world to see. I present to you, so you may judge for yourself, the magnificence of Manborg!