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We Have Lift Off!! New Demo Launched!!

And Here it is.  Having spent the last 3 years working for a company that produces training manuals and computer based training for the mining industry, this reel really doesn’t have any character animation in it. More of a demo reel demonstrating machines and props that I have modeled and animated.

Now to discuss the real issue….. LETTING GO!  No, not Disney’s Frozen!

I don’t know how many times I have watched this and I still see something that I want to change.  It is a never ending critique and eagerness to put out there the best you can. But if I did that it would never get released. there would always be something to change or add to it.  As my beautiful wife told me tonight, as I was complaining about the lack of character animation in it, that my demo reel is fluid and always changing and being updated.  I have to view it as a living thing, constantly growing and displaying different personalities and characteristics. Some might be good, others, not as good.

And yet, does it demonstrate that I know what I’m doing, that I can use the software to communicate ideas?  Some of these animations have pretty complex models and rigs, and you are only seeing a snippet of the actual animated scenes and movies.  Some of the training material that I animated were 20 – 35 minute pieces that I had to take from start to finish.

I always wonder after I finish a new reel, not if it is good, but if it is good enough?  Let’s be honest here, a reel is to help you get work or a job.  It’s a visual resume.  Over the next few days I will constantly be haunted by the question “is my reel good enough to get me a job or freelance work?”  It’s a question, I’m sure, all creative types have to deal with.  Is it good enough? I might think it is when I get a call for a job or job interview, until then I won’t know.

And here we come to, probably, the most important part, I had a freaking blast making this little minute long beast!!  I felt the passion, the drive, the love for a medium that has always dominated my life.  I have been trying to get my web series “STARFISH” off the ground for a while now. Doing this reel has renewed my lust to see, what I have called, Sponge Bob meets Star Trek in an episodic series. If all goes well, I just might have a few episodes coming out in the near future.

And the greatest joy of this whole experience, was when my 4 year old son, Bane, wanted to sit next to me at the light table so he could “work on his animation with Daddy”.  Maybe, it is just that. That moment when a little boy wants to work with his Daddy and do the thing that his Daddy loves doing. Maybe that is the answer.  Is it good enough to get me a job or work?  I don’t know. However, to that little boy, to have that moment to sit next to his father and share his love and passion, it is good enough.


Graphic Resume

I’ve created a graphic resume, something a little bit different than the average run of the mill text on paper resume.  I am trying to go for a retro 60’s -70’s feel, not sure that I succeeded but hey it’s the beta version. Just thought I would share since it’s been a while since I posted my own work up here.



Blender your way to animation!

Blender 3D

We all know about the free 3d software called Blender. It actually is a very good alternative to high end 3d programs like Maya or Cinema 4d. I’ve used it from time to time and once you get the shortcut keys down you should be doing some amazing stuff with it. There is a huge user base and tons of tutorials for you on the internet as well as a plethora of books and videos out there. My wife sent me the following link. Check it out. You might be surprised.

Life After Pi

With the current announcement that the studio that did the visual effects for the movie NOAH lost money on the contract and watching the following documentary about the state of the Visual Effects Industry I had to make a post. I’m outraged, upset, and just down right mad about what the movie industry is doing to the visual effects industry. I remember looking at issues of Starlog for hours just marveling at the visual effects shots and wanting to know how it was done and wanting to do that for a living. I’ve been working professionally in the animation industry for 15 years and, I can tell you, what I’m hearing about the visual effects industry is breaking my heart. As it is stated in the documentary, if something isn’t done there will be no more visual effects industry in the United States.

Please watch this in full! And support the people that make our blockbuster films special!


3D Printing in Visual Effects

Thanks to Marc Spess over at for posting this gem!

Please Visit




New Demo Reel on the Portfolio Page


Added My new demo reel to the portfolio page.

Just In Time For The Holidays! Pixar Lays Off Employees Due To The Good Dinosaur Being Delayed.

Pixar lays off artists

Pixar lays off artists

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Pixar has let go about 5% of it’s work force, because of delays to the production of The Good Dinosaur. As many of you know, Bob Peterson, the project’s original director was let go of the position several months ago. The Production was pushed back from a May 30, 2014 release date to Nov. 25, 2015. Hmmmm. Is there trouble in the land of talking cars and toys? This is sounds very similar to what was happen to Disney back when I worked on Treasure Planet. Projects being cancelled, going over budget, or even scraped and taken back to the drawing board to start over. The Emperors New Groove was suppose to be an epic drama called something like The Kingdom of the Sun. The Movie Wild Life was totally cancelled and led to about 100 animators and artists being laid off. Atlantis Flopped at the box office, Tresure Planet went up against Harry Potter, who’s smart Decision was that?! Again box office fail. Is something similar happening at Pixar, since Disney took it over? Probably not. They probably realized that the story wasn’t working and wanted to retool the project. We all know about Pixars story first philosophy. However, is it gonna cost the studio in the long run? Let’s be honest Pixar films do have a pretty good run at the box office so it probably won’t effect the studio too much. It’ll just effect the artist that were laid off, just in time for the holidays. What are your thoughts?

VFX Artist To Protest Obama’s Dreamworks Visit!

VFX Solidarity

VFX Solidarity

Check out this Article from Ramin Zahed on the Obama is visiting Dreamworks tomorrow, this provided a great opportunity for the VFX Solidarity movement to voice their concerns about the difficulties occuring in the VFX industry. If you are in the Glendale / Burbank Area please go out and support these hard working artists! Go Green! Green Screen that is!

Link to the actual article:

“Hoping to raise awareness about the plight of U.S.-based visual effects artist, activists are planning a protest during President Obama’s visit to the DreamWorks’ campus in Glendale this Tuesday (Nov. 26). The Hollywood Reporter says about 500 green T-shirts have been purchased by organizers in the hopes that artists will wear them to express their support for this cause.

“Our intent is to get the message to President Obama that our jobs have left the country, and VFX shops have gone bankrupt, due to tax incentives. There is hardly any VFX work left in Los Angeles,” digital artist Dave Rand told the trade magazine. Rand was also involved at the rally held during the Oscars last February.

A recent post on the VFX Soldier blog, invited the vfx community to send the message to the president but also said it’s doubtful that a demonstration could take place outside of DWA due to security. A rally on Flower Street may also be in the works. plans being discussed to stage a rally on Flower Street nearby.

The post on VFX Soldier post reads, “Things have got so bad that there is a petition going around urging for a countervailing duty (CVD) to offset locations that offer subsidies. If I were in that audience I’d simply say this: ‘Mr. President, while this should be a growing industry, many of my colleagues in VFX are losing their jobs and being forced to move out of the country to places that offer huge subsidies. Would you support our effort to place a duty to offset these distorting subsidies? You have the sole authority to solve this problem right now and you can do it without Congress.’”

“Now I doubt anyone would get a chance to ask the question but my point about our CVD effort is this: We don’t need the President or Congress to do this. All we need is two things: Prove that we’ve been injured by these subsidies, and demonstrate that the majority of the domestic industry supports this effort. We are working hard to move forward and always appreciate the support. Wearing a green shirt is all you need to do to get the media to ask what this is all about.”

You can learn more about the protest plans here:”

The Snow Is Gonna Run Red With Your Blood!

Snow Sharks

Snow Sharks

OK, This has got to be either the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen or a piece of pure genius. Yes it’s Avalanche Sharks!
We have talked about good stop motion animation looking like CGI. And then there’s bad CGI that looks like, well…..Bad. And yet I have to admire anyone who can put a movie together and get it distributed at all. Good job who ever made this. I have to respect you for your valiant effort. Here you go gang, feast your eyes on Avalanche Sharks.
Snow sharks on the prowl, eating scantily clad skiers and snow boarders. Watch for yourself and be amazed! A bevy of beauties, cheesy CGI, and lot’s of zesty mint stage blood covered snow! Who produces this stuff? Because, I have a few movie ideas I’d like to get made too.

Autodesk Goes Cloud!

I predicted this about 6 months ago. Is this the new trend in software “purchasing”? Personally, I think this sucks. I don’t know about you but I guess I’m old fashion and actually like to own my software. This tactic is perfect for pushing the free lance artists out of business. If you can’t make a payment that month, you can’t work. This might be a good thing in the long run for software like Modo or Lightwave, which are doing some fantastic things at a fraction of a price that Autodesk charges for their software. Or even Blender which is totally free and again can do what any high priced piece of software can do. I’ve been using Maya 2013 and I can tell you it is one of the buggiest pieces of software I have ever used. My keyboard shortcuts will randomly stop working and I will have to close and open Maya to get it working again. Updates? Tried them. They were suppose to fix the problem and didn’t. When you pay $3,000 plus for a piece of software you expect it to work, Autodesk, has increasingly been releasing inferior products and now they want to take them away from the artists and have us “rent” the software?

Really? REALLY?!!

Am I the only one upset about this? I don’t want to rent, I want to own! Stop with the subscriptions!


Looks like I'm gonna have to find another piece of software to use. Blender anyone?

Here's the article:

Here’s some alternative software to look at: