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Every once in a while you come upon “a Diamond in the Rough”.  That diamond is a podcast I’ve been listening to these pass few weeks.  If you are into animation as a hobby you have got to listen to these guys.  If you are a professional, like I am, these guys are invaluable for information from professionals in the animation industry.  These guys are loaded with insight, laughs, Batman, curse words, and all around pure entertainment! And the best thing yet is that they have over a hundred episodes posted.   I know what you are saying, “Controller, who are these GUYS?!”.  Well, These Guys, are  Adam Hines and Andrew Murray AKA “Guys With Pencils”.

Anyone who has any interest in animation needs to listen to these guys with pencils!

Some highlights includes Showdowns with Scott C.,  Stephen Silver’s rant on Artists pay,
Scott Caple! ( I think he was at Disney working on Atlantis when I was working on Treasure Planet), Kevin Parry and stop motion animation, geeking out about Ghostbusters with Dan Schoening, and the Gals with pencils episode.

What Are you doing reading this GO CHECK THEM OUT!

Also check out the recent AltAnimation podcast. Which has an excellent commentary on the people leaving animation for other jobs or transitioning to using animation in non traditional ways. You can hear that here!