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Support DARK EARTH!!

Support Dark Earth!


Dark Earth

Dark Earth


I’ve been waiting for this to hit the internet and I’m very excited to support the craftsmen and filmmakers behind this production.  I’ve been wanting a movie like this for a long time and some of the shots already look amazing!  I can honestly say that I have faith in the crew of  Peter Montgomery, Norman Yeend, Kent Burton, Nick Hilligoss, and Ron Cole.  Extremely talented animators and visual effects artists, all!  If anyone can pull off an entertaining visually stunning adventure sci- fi movie it is this amazing crew. Plus the added roll of Kevin Conner, director of some of my favorite films growing up, The Land That Time Forgot, The People That Time Forgot, Warlords of Atlantis, and At the Earths Core gives credibility ( and star power) that this project is for real and will move forward.  If you are a fan of “Dynamation”, stop motion animation, practical effects, and 80’s style visual effects movies (yes, like even Star Wars) then you are going to want to support this movie!

What are you still doing here?! Go click the “Contribute Now” button on the indiegogo page for DARK EARTH!!!



Secret Space Base Podcast Episode 4 – Ron Cole!


On this episode of the Secret Space Base Podcast we talk with the Amazing Ron Cole! Our first guest and we out did ourselves this time. We talk to Ron Cole about stop motion animation, practical effects, Puppets, Muppets, Ray Harryhausen, Monsters, In the Fall of Gravity, and being on the cover of CineFX magazine! Wow! You are going to like this one!

Listen Here….

Secret Space Base Episode4

Ron Cole:

Ron’s Animation Reel

Sinbad The 5th Voyage

In the Fall of Gravity