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Saturday morning cartoons will never be the same

It’s one of those times when you just slap your face and shake your head. Then praise the creativity of people on YouTube.

Wage Fixing in the Animation industry? Has Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks joined the darkside?

Check out this story about illegal wage fixing in the animation industry.  Even the bright colors of cartoons have a dark side!


The Snow Is Gonna Run Red With Your Blood!

Snow Sharks

Snow Sharks

OK, This has got to be either the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen or a piece of pure genius. Yes it’s Avalanche Sharks!
We have talked about good stop motion animation looking like CGI. And then there’s bad CGI that looks like, well…..Bad. And yet I have to admire anyone who can put a movie together and get it distributed at all. Good job who ever made this. I have to respect you for your valiant effort. Here you go gang, feast your eyes on Avalanche Sharks.
Snow sharks on the prowl, eating scantily clad skiers and snow boarders. Watch for yourself and be amazed! A bevy of beauties, cheesy CGI, and lot’s of zesty mint stage blood covered snow! Who produces this stuff? Because, I have a few movie ideas I’d like to get made too.

Hitlers Animation Studio, or Animators Working for Free?

Anyone who has listened to The Secret Space Base Podcast or have read my rants here or on the 21st Century Stop motion Facebook page, know how passionate I feel about animators not working for “Free”. We are trained professional artists, who have gone through training and schools like every one else to learn how to do the things we do. And yet constantly we are taken advantage of by people who want us to do something for free. Would you ask a carpenter to build you a house for free just to get the experience and because it would look good on a resume? Of course not! so why would you do that to an animator? I won’t go into it here, I’ll let angry Hitler express the frustrations of running an animation studio.

From Cartoon Brew:
“Creating free animation for companies has never worked out for anybody, not even Hitler. Animator Dennis Sisterson imagines the downward spiral of the German dictator’s animation studio after his company agrees to produce a music video without being compensated.”

B Movie Marathon

Time for some more Youtube movies for you to watch.  Enjoy This B movie Madness!!








and finally one of my all time favorite 1950’s Scifi films.  I watched this numerous times growing up and still watch it to this day.  I present for your enjoyment….. KRONOS!

Don’t you worry your pretty little head, there will be more coming.

Disney and UFOs?

This has been making its way around the internet lately.  Disney’s UFO Alien Encounters Documentary.  Animation and the paranormal, how could you go wrong with that?


Sneaky Snakes on itunes

Sneaky Snakes is a game for the IPhone and Android phone that I provided animation and visuals for. If you get a chance check it out and leave a comment. It was originally created as a kids game and then we got way to addicted to the simplicity of the game play. Basically you play a young boy who has to scare away waves of snakes with only a flash light. You have some very cool power ups but use them sparingly because you will need them in the more challenging levels.