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Updated Dark Earth Trailer!!

You need to support this project!!

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“Dark Earth is a period set ( Edwardian era) Fantasy film that got mainstream cinema rattling. Time travellers create a rocket ship and on a test outing manage to shoot off into space and find a world they mistake for home located several million light years from Earth.

After a very hard landing, the crew of the ship find themselves on an  alien world, populated by monstrous denizens and creatures long extinct back home from the prehistoric age, A tour de force of exciting conflicts scientific marvels , story and an alien race known as the Horidens, become the obstacles preventing  these period explorers in time and space from returning  home and escaping the Dark Earth….”


Creature Special Effects For Independent Film

Check this out! Independent Horror, Scifi and fantasy films now have a way to afford visual effects!  Watch and be amazed!




Secret Space Base VFX Podcast, with the Amazing Ron Cole!


I’m Sorry everyone, for taking so long with this release. We were trying to get a new intro recorded but it just didn’t happen, so we are stuck momentarily with the original Secret Space Base Podcast intro. This won’t effect this episode because it was an amazing conversation with Ron Cole and well worth the wait. I hope everyone enjoys this and that it generates lot’s of comments and conversations. I really think this is one of our best episodes to date. So enjoy, as we tackle a very important and serious issue about the business called visual effects and animation!

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Ray Harryhausen Documentary!

From 1986 a documentary about the Master of Stop motion animation “Aliens, Dragons, Monsters & Me“!
See the awesomeness of Ray Harryhausen!
Stare at the Amazing Ray Bradbury!
Shriek at the glory of stop motion animated creatures!

Oh the documentary gold from the 80’s!


More Episodes of the Secret Space Base Podcast!

Wow! It’s taken me forever to get these episodes uploaded.  Battling with sinus infections suck!  Slowly my voice is coming back, so hopefully we will have some more episodes soon.  Episode Six is all Will talking to the crew of the Project Sword Moonbase Central Blog. Toys and Sci Fi Television and movies, all the way from England!  Enjoy!


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Episode Seven is our rambling round up of 2013.  And boy do we ramble on.  I sound like I’m coming down from a meth amphetamine high and crashing bad! Seriously, this episode could be a drinking game you play with your friends, with how many times Will says “absolutely” and “excellent”, and how many times I say “awesome” and “um”.  You’ll be drunk in no time!  With that and the technical problems we were having should make this a rather interesting if not humorous episode.  Good books mentioned, and good fan boy conversation.


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As always please feel free to comment on anything we comment on, wither it is negative or positive, it is welcomed.

The 100th post!  Yay!


A “Frozen” Recovery…. and some things for 2014



The last couple months have not been the best for me, having to deal with the holidays while also dealing with medical issues and surgery kinda takes the “thanks” out of thanksgiving and the “mas” out of Christmas. (The Vicodin made that sound funnier than it was.) However, I’m finally on the road to mending and will start blogging and pod-casting again. Not wanting to be a downer I thought I would post some news of Hope for the new year.

The Disney feature film Frozen has broke the $500 million mark worldwide!! Good Job Disney! Does this mean Disney is on the way back to becoming king of the animation studios again? Only time will tell, and with other studios ramping up feature films for next few years, it looks like Disney has some tough competition. Laika’s Box Trolls is on the top of my list of interesting movies to watch out for. And we are finally seeing some smaller independent studios launching into the animated feature film “Ring”. I’ll be reporting on that later in the year.

Also, premiering on January 31st is SINBAD: The 5th Voyage The film that will bring back Modern Dynamation! Very Exciting! I urge everyone to go and seek out this movie to watch and support the return of stop motion animation to creature films!

The Secret Space Base Pod-Cast will continue and I plan on being more aggressive about getting some very interesting guests.

I’m also going to delve into how to fund your own projects and try posting places where you can go to apply for grants. The past two days, I have returned to work, and found some interesting articles to blog on. I’m trying to find ways to fund my own projects, besides crowd funding, and I think there are some things we can all learn from my own search for financial funding.

Ok starting to get achy and gotta go recover a bit. Until next time…

“Animate good, animate bad, just animate!”

Update- Release Date For Sinbad The Fifth Voyage! -Update!!

Sinbad The Fifth Voyage

Sinbad The Fifth Voyage

I have been waiting to see this movie for a while and finally IMDB is giving us a release date! Done in the tradition of the Ray Harryhausen creature films, with stop motion or what Ray would call Dynamation, Sinbad is taking us into the future with modern Dynamation. Stop motion animation combined with the technology of computer animation! I’m very excited to see what the artists that have worked on this film come up with. With the talents of Ron Cole, Peter Montgomery, Denis Baudin, Paul McConnochie, Harvey Lowry and many other talented artists who have a passion for film making and the art of modern stop motion animation. Filled with visual effects and fantastic creatures, this is just the type of movie I crave! Here’s the trailer:

Excited yet? I am! UPDATE -I have been informed by a very reliable source that the release date on the IMDB page is not totally accurate and that we should expect a release of Sinbad The Fifth Voyage in”Early 2014″ – UPDATE The new year can not come fast enough!

Well, Will it looks like the first part of 2014 will be the Sinbad edition of the Secret Space Base Podcast. Anyone involved with this film, who would like to talk with us about it, please feel free to contact me. We would love to get a bunch of you on our podcast and promote stop motion animation, or modern “Dynamation”, as a viable alternative to CGI in feature films.

If you have other news about Sinbad The Fifth Voyage, please feel free to post in the comments section.

Special Effects Titan on NetFlix!

Ray Harryhausen Special Effects Titan

Ray Harryhausen Special Effects Titan

Now on NetFlix you can see the documentary about the great Ray Harryhausen! If you are like me, you have a passion for film and especially for Visual Effects! Here we get to see some of the big names in the movie industry dish on one of the greatest stop motion animators of all time. Ray Harryhausen influenced the artists that would change the way movies were made and usher in a new age of visual effects cinema. Hey! What are you doing sitting there reading this lame blog? Go Watch Ray Harryhausen Special Effects Titan NOW! (I can’t contain the excitement!) And after you watched it, leave a review in my comments section and then go back into the archives and check out The Secret Space Base Podcast where Will Schwartz and I review the movie.

Secret Space Base Podcast Episode 4 – Ron Cole!


On this episode of the Secret Space Base Podcast we talk with the Amazing Ron Cole! Our first guest and we out did ourselves this time. We talk to Ron Cole about stop motion animation, practical effects, Puppets, Muppets, Ray Harryhausen, Monsters, In the Fall of Gravity, and being on the cover of CineFX magazine! Wow! You are going to like this one!

Listen Here….

Secret Space Base Episode4

Ron Cole:

Ron’s Animation Reel

Sinbad The 5th Voyage

In the Fall of Gravity

The “Build Up” has started


I’ve started the build up for my first stop motion puppet. I’m sure I’m going to make a lot of mistakes along the way, but this really is a learning experience. The next step is to create the latex skin. I’ll post the sculptures of the skin patches and the head as I move forward with the creation of the creature. I’m very excited about this. Ever since I saw the Ray Harryhausen films, I’ve always wanted to create my own creature, animate it, and composite it in with live action. Again this is a test project to see if and how to do it.