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ROBB PRATT Interview from The Rubber Onion Podcast


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Check out this Interview with Flash Gordon Classic Creator Robb Pratt!!  It is very inspirational!! Then go back and listen to the other Rubber Onion Podcasts!  Great information on animation. Positive, funny, and upbeat, these guys are becoming one of the best animation podcasts that deal with independent and professional animation!


You Are Going To Die…

This is awesome. Not only is The Iron Giant a great movie. But it brought back memories of working at Disney. You see, part of my job was to print up what was called “Plots” of the 3D elements so the 2D animators could animate to them. They were basically line renders of the 3D characters or Parts, as it was in Silvers case in Treasure planet. Seeing the Giant in this clip made me have flashbacks to those days. I bet that’s how Warner Bros. did it too.

Check this out!